Speaker tips

At ATO Events we are very attentive to the issues of inviting speakers to our events, fully understanding how important their role is for the success of a professional conference. Profound practical knowledge, original views on the topic under discussion and unique information serve as a pass to the ATO Events speaker club.

But being a good professional does not always mean being an interesting speaker for the audience.

What steps can you take to become a better speaker? Speaking in front of an audience requires confidence and effective communication techniques that can and should be learned through education and practice. Numerous publications and recommendations available on the Internet can be a significant help in mastering this difficult skill.

For our part, we would like to give you some practical advice.

Speaker’s speech

Business audience highly appreciates speeches that contain analytics, statistics and facts that are not available in other sources; original findings and conclusions; specific examples and case studies.

We especially appreciate those speakers who also follow the rules of presentation delivery and leave time for the Q&A session.

You will control the demonstration of your presentation slides yourself by using the clicker. Before starting the session, make sure that you have received explanations how to handle it.

The conference room is always equipped with an additional monitor for the speaker, which displays the presentation. There is no need to turn around to look at the big screen to understand what the audience sees — because in this case you turn away from the microphone, and the audience does not hear you.

And please don’t rush. Most presentations are accompanied by simultaneous translation — and the quality of the translation is directly related to how fast you speak.


A huge role in the success of the speech is played by the presentation demonstrated on the screen. Modern technology brings a presentation to life by including video clips and even online connections to demonstrate how IT products and services work. It should only be remembered that such elements require mandatory preliminary debugging with our technical specialists, and as this takes time, please come in advance.

Recommendations for a classic presentation:
  • The optimal number of slides is 10−12
  • A good slide should not have more than 40 signs of text on one line
  • Minimum font size — 30
  • A slide should not exceed 10 horizontal lines
  • Space between the lines must be at least one blank line.